BelAZ (Belarusian Autoworks) service center was opened in Khakassia Republic

The development of the Beisk coal field in Khakassia Republic allows to start new production and create additional job position in the republic. Thus, the development of the Mairykhsky open-pit mine became the starting point for the opening of the BelAZ service center.

The long-term prospect of the Mairykhsky open-pit mine and the effective cooperation of coal miners with suppliers of equipment and machinery made it possible in the shortest time to build and put in commission the only service center in Khakassia.

The implementation of this investment project is a joint initiative of the business partners of the republic: «BELAZ», «BelTransLogistic» companies and «Mairykhsky open-pit mine» which is a part of the «COALSTAR» company. The opening of the center will allow you promptly to carry out any repairs and corporate maintenance of mining equipment used in coal mining. It is important that now these issues will be resolved on the territory of Khakassia as soon as possible and at lower cost; this will provide an opportunity to avoid the lengthy downtime of equipment.

The head of Khakassia, Mr. Viktor Zimin congratulated the management and employees of the companies with the opening of the service center.

In Khakassia, the coal mining has been done for more than one decade, but in extreme times we have breakthrough points. In the future, up to 12 thousand job position will be created with the development of new and old coal fields, - said the head of the region. “Today we are in the BELAZ equipment service center.” I am grateful to business partners, whose initiative was embodied in this project. First of all, there is new job positions and the prospects of the coal industry behind this.

emphasized Mr. Victor Zimin

The interaction with the Belarusian machine builders began with several 50-ton trucks. And now, after only three years, the Mairykhsky open-pit mine reaches a new level — the operation of 220-ton BelAZ. The director of the mine Mr. Viktor Kozmin told about this in his speech:

This is a new stage in the development of our plant and «BelTransLogistic» company. Without you, the Mairykhsky open-pit mine would not have developed at such a fast pace. Therefore, I thank you so much, I hope that this center will become the starting point for the further intensive development of coal enterprises.