Sports ground in Beliy-Yar region - is a new gift from coal miners

This spring, the Mairykhsky open-pit mine, as part of the beautification of the Altai region, has planted a pine alley in the central park of Belyi Yar village. «Green» promotion was timed to the 170th anniversary of the regional center.

But the pine alley was not the only gift. By the middle of summer, coal miners promised to the villagers another gift — a modern sports ground.

And it happened! For the joy of both local children and adults.

Solemnly open of sports ground in Beliy Yar village has become the most popular place in these days. According to its quality characteristics, the sports facility will have no «competitors”, except in the Republic’s capital.

A variety of bright designs construction, it seems, strucked the Bely Yar village dwellers, because they never had such luxury. Training simulators are made on the legendary BelAZ.

The children did not wait for the opening ceremony and began joyfully become familiar with to the small sports training simulators, in which adults at first looked with undisguised curiosity. The simulators had an unending waiting line among children. Now you can not only walk along the alleys of the park, but also spend time with health benefits.

Super modern sports ground — is a valuable gift.

Probably, we could afford such a sports ground, but at the same time we would have to refuse solving other issues, including those aimed at municipal improvement. Then, we would have devote less funds on repairing roads, then the issues of repairing public institutions would be exacerbated.

the head of the Altai region, Mrs. Tatiana Ramenskaya

Meanwhile, the management of the Mairykhsky open pit mine has already shown that assistance to the Altai region is not a one-time, but planned and systematic. According to the words of Mairykhsky open pit mine director, Mr. Viktor Kozmin, the social partnership program will be in progress and will be put emphasis on such areas — as raising the standard of living in villages, municipal improvement, tree and shrub planting, assistance to socially unprotected categories of the population.

Thirty percent of our employees are residents of the Altai region. And we are responsible not only to the employees, but also to all residents, especially to children.

Victor Kozmin

Everyone is happy about the changes in Belyi Yar village’s Park. In responses of local residents sound only words of gratitude to coal miners:

What a development for kids, for us it is a novelty. We never have this, and it was even hard to imagine.
I am so grateful to those people who did it. From all the grandmothers and parents, thank you very much!
Very nice. Granddaughter arrives for holidays from Abakan, as for now, our Belyi Yar village there is now nothing inferior to Abakan city.

According to the experience of the capital of Khakassia, such a sports ground become the center of everyday leisure for families with children and active representatives of the older generation. Thanks to the financial assistance of the Mairykhsky open-pit mine, the modern urban environment becomes accessible to residents of the Khakassia’s regions.