Schoolchildren visited the Mairykhsky open pit mine

At the request of students and teachers of the Khakassky National Boarding School n. a. N. F. Katanova organized an excursion to the production site of the enterprise.

Tenth-graders who are already facing the choice of a future profession, with great interest reacted to the tour. The desire of the children to see with their own eyes how coal is mined was realized thanks to the specialists of the mine.

A trip to the viewing platform of a coal mine and a demonstration of large mining and conveyor equipment has stimulated schoolchildren not only to take selfies, but also to ask questions about the production and main professions. Most of the children are pupils of classes with a physical and mathematical bias, so engineering and mining specialties have particular interest to them. One half of the male group was also interested in highly paid working professions of drivers and drivers of special equipment. Many of the high school students live in the Altai region of Khakassia Republic and in the future they would like to stay working in the republic.

«Of course, we are interested in the influx of young professionals. The prospects of the mine are long-termed, and in the industry there is a presence a shortage of qualified personnel, so such professional-oriented excursions — is an opportunity to attract a new generation of professionals who will develop the enterprise and a whole industry in the future”, says Mr. Victor Kozmin, director of Mairykhsky open pit mine.