Mairykhsky open pit-mine took patronage under Beliy-Yar region’s boarding school

Such a special approach to special children actually opens up new opportunities both for the school itself and for its boarders.

Boarding school pupils are not like ordinary children. At the same time, they do sewing, painting, kniting, cutting on wood, growing tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse, in one word to say they develop their talents that will be useful to them in the future, help them to adapt to the society behind the walls of the school.

Our children need much more expenses than ordinary children

confirms Mrs. Tatiana Tolkacheva, director of the Beloyarsk Boarding School.

At the present time, 113 children with a health disabilities from 16 residential area of the Altai region and Abakan city are studying here. Some of them study at home, 63 pupils live in boarding school. The contingent of students is complex: 31 disabled children, which is 27%, children under care - 10%, children from single-parent families - 46%, large families - 55%, low-income ones - 64%. All of them need care and protection.

The staff of the institution does its best, gives students a piece of joy and good mood, sows good in their souls. And for now, the teachers have assistants.

The Mairykhsky open-pit mine and his partner «GorTekhMash» Co. Ltd. became very close friends with the boarding school. The decision to help the school is balanced and responsible.

«This is help with transport, logistics support, participation in celebrations and activities — that is, living with the team together, offer a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on in a difficult and not only difficult situations, share joy», — said Vitaly Yermolyuk, director of Gortechmash Co. Ltd.

According to his words, together with the management of the institution, a whole plan of measures has been planned, so that the aid will acquire not a chaotic, but a specific and pinpoint character.

It has already been purchased new plates and dishes to the dining room of the institution. By September 1st, will be purchased new clothes for all the children.

And most recently, «GorTechMash» Co. Ltd. has helped with transportation, so that children could visit the «Khakassky» Nature Reserve Museum.

«Thank you very much for the trip. The good news is that in our area there are people who are not indifferent to the problems of other people, and particulary to physically disabled children. Thanks to you, the children with great interest learned about the protected areas of the Khakassia Republic, about animals, birds and plants of our native land listed in the Red Book», — Mrs. Anastasia Panchenko, teacher-organizer, expressed gratitude to the management of the company.

And this is only the beginning of a mutual big way for the bright representatives of the coal industry of Khakassia and their sponsored children.