The Mairykhsky open pit mine installs new equipment

As part of the investment program, the company continues purchasing mining and conveyor equipment. It had been put into operation three new BelAZ rear-dump wagon with a lifting capacity of 130 tons.

The planned increase of production in three times, in compare with last year requires more powerful technical equipment. In addition to the already existing fleet of mining equipment, in this year is planned to purchase more than twenty units of equipment for the extraction and transportation of initial run-of-mine. Eight of them have already start working.

In addition to the 130-ton BelAZ dump truck, it had been put into operation new loaders, a bulldozer and a motor grader. By the end of the year, it is planned to increase the production using additional units of excavators, loaders, bulldozers and dump trucks.

The Mairykhsky open pit mine systematically carries out work on rising the technological infrastructure of the enterprise. The mine involves vehicles of different brands: BelAZ, Liebherr, Volvo. Our selection in favor of new modern machines is determined by their efficiency in production. The equipment is more sustainable, comfortable for workers, has wide technical capabilities and high performance indicators,

says Mr. Vitaly Yermolyuk, head of the mining and conveyor sector.

The program of development of the enterprise involves reaching the design capacity of 3 million tons in 2019. And by this moment we are planning to completely switch over to the production with our own mountain transport equipment.

Vitaly Yermolyuk

Due to the increase of production volume and the introduction of new technology, the number of personnel has doubled for the year. All workers are residents of the Khakassia Republic. Project solutions for the development of the enterprise involve the job-creation for about 400 work position.