The Mairykhsky open pit mine will provide with heat the kindergartens and the schools

By the beginning of the school year, the Mairykhsky open pit mine made a gift to the Altai region — the mine signed agreements to provide educational institutions with charitable coal during the whole heating season.

— «Last year, we repeatedly received appeals from the heads of municipal administration about the provision of coal for heating social institutions,” says the director of the company, Mr. Viktor Kozmin.

Of course, we helped them. Kindergartens and schools – are the most vulnerable area. Therefore, continuing the systematic work on social interaction with the Altai region, this year we decided fully ensure the region’s need with heating for kindergartens and schools.

Mr. Victor Kozmin

As part of the signed agreements, 8 educational institutions of the Altai region will receive charitable coal. For having the well-timed provision of the standard fuel reserves, the shipment of coal will start early in September.

In addition to providing the coal, Mairykhsky open pit mine rendered financial assistance for running capital and current repairs in several kindergartens. The money is transferred as part of agreement targeted on donation to funds of social facilities in the Altai region.