Mairykhsky open pit mine has provided with coal the social objects of Khakassia Republic

At the request of the heads of regions and the government of the republic, the Mairykhsky open pit mine provided free of charge 150 tons of coal to the Novoyeniseysk village council of the Beysky region and 400 tons of coal with delay in paying to four residential places of the Altai regoin. In the near future, the fuel will be delivered to the boiler station. In addition, within the framework of socio-economic cooperation in the current heating period, the Mairykh open pit mine provided about 1000 tons of charitable coal to social facilities in the Altai, Beisk and Askiz regions.

We remind that, the agreement on social and economic cooperation between the government of the Republic and «COULSTAR» Co. Ltd. (which includes Mairykhsky open pit mine) was signed at the end of 2017 by the head of Khakassia Republic Mr. Viktor Zimin and the chairman of the board of directors of the holding Mr. Eduard Hudainatov.

I am grateful to the management of the mine and the holding for their active position in the implementation of partnership agreements. Providing coal to schools and kindergartens is another confirmation of the company's social responsibility.

noted Mr. Victor Zimin