The miner’s day has become a family day for workers of the Mairykhsky open pit-mine

Last weekend in the Koibal’s steppe of Khakassia has grew a stage, an auditorium and a children's town. There was nothing surprising in this — it was the workers of the the Mairykhsky open pit-mine, who has celebrated the Miner's Day in a family warm and cheerful way.

The holiday began with the solemn opening of the fountain in the territory of the mine. Then from the stage to the miners fell congratulations and wishes.

Welcoming words to the miners were addressed by the head of Rep. Khakassia, Mr. Viktor Zimin, and then one of the promoters of the Coalstar company, Mr. Alexander Borodaev has read a congratulation addressed to the miners by the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Eduard Hudainatov

«Dear friends and colleagues!

Let me heartily congratulate you with our holiday, the Miner’s Day, and congratulate your wives and children who came to this holiday, as well as industry veterans who with their hard work has glorified the miner's profession

With today's big holiday, we are launching the development of the largest Beysk coal deposit in Russia.

Thanks to your hard work, our Coalstar company is being developed at full tilt. In this year, we will reach a production capacity of 5 million tons per year.

But these are just the first steps. Our goals in the next 5 years to reach the level of production of up to 30 million tons per year, which will make the Republic of Khakassia one of the leaders in coal production in Russia and reliably ensure the socio-economic development of the region.

In this year, Coalstar company has become the largest taxpayer in Republic of Khakassia, and we are proud of it.

As I stated to you, I will be attentive to the social issues of the company and to the payment for your honest work.

I want to inform you that I have made a decision about the next salary increase by 10% from September 1 of the current year. Also, the shareholders of the company decided to encourage the best employees of Coal Company Mairykhsky open pit mine Co Ltd​​​​​​​.

And on behalf of the COALSTAR company for the Beisk and Altai’s regions, where we conduct our activities, we decided to donate school buses for the comfortable and safe transportation of our children.

Happy holiday, dear friends, wish you health, peaceful sky over your head and happiness to you, to your nearest and dearest.​​​​​​​

With deep respect and a low bow, Chairman of the Board of Directors of COALSTAR, Mr. Eduard Hudainatov»

In honor of the holiday, the staff of the Mairykhsky open pit mine were awarded awards and valuable gifts. Three best workers were awarded «Lada Vesta» cars. Also, on the eve of the Miner's Day, the leadership of COALSTAR presented a very important gift — two school «GAZelle» car for students of the Altai and Beisk’s regions of the Republic of Khakassia.

The miners received awards not only for achievements in work, but also for the elimination of emergency situations. The mechanic of GorTechMash Co. Ltd, Mr. Denis Ryzhykh receive an official message of thanks from the head of Khakassia for the flood elimination in May of this year. Together with his colleagues from the Mairykhsky open pit mine, he participated in the dumping of dams near Bely Yar region. Mr. Denis is proud of his work, because it is prestigious and highly paid, and if he is offered to change it, then he will refuse without hesitation.

Mr. Peter Fedorovich Garkalin, a driver motor grader, has been working in coal mining for 40 years, is going to work in a team as long as possible. He received «Lada Vesta» car from the leadership of COULSTAR. Before retirement, he worked in the «Izykhsky open pit mine». He is not accustomed to rest at home and returned to work, but to another open tit mine — Mairykhsky. Mr. Peter Fedorovich modestly says he does not know for what service he received the car.

I am glad that the management of the company appreciated our work. Probably, it’s better for them to know why we have been awarded valuable gifts. For our work. The experience came in handy at the Mairykhsky open pit mine, and I will definitely work here until I have enough strength.

shared with the correspondent of, from Mr.Peter Garkalin

The holiday turned out truly home-like. For children who came to the celebrations with their parents was launched a whole town of amusement rides with merry-go-rounds and a trampoline. Children and adults were also interested to have a look at the working equipment in the open pit mine.

As Mr. Vitaliy Yermolyuk, director of GorTechMash Co. Ltd., address a meeting to the miners, the management of COULSTAR has specifically chosen this form of celebration to make the holiday a family one. All of this to let the miners' relatives, as well as their children, could have seen the conditions in which their relatives work.