The Mairykhsky Open Pit Mine Procured a Drone from the Guinness Book of Records

The surveyors of the Mairykhsky mine have become pilots. A drone was procured, the control of which requires special skills. There is no such equipment even in the coal-mining Kuzbass. The high-precision drone is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its implementation will help raise the quality of measurements and production safety to a new level.

In order to learn how to manage complex equipment, mine surveyors underwent a two-week training in Izhevsk. Then the producers came to Khakassia to consolidate the knowledge and skills of coal miners in practice. A surveying drone is not at all like the usual quadrocopters and requires special handling. It has a block of antennas, and the aircraft is controlled from a mobile ground station.

“The flying height of the drone is from 150 to 5000 meters and above. A Guinness World Record was set - they flew around the top of Mount Everest, but not with a tiltrotor, but with C-350. The drone differs only in that it does not have a vertical takeoff»,

- says Ishmurat Nabiev, a representative of Supercam. Unmanned Systems.

The surveyors of the Mairykhsky mine say that it will be less necessary to walk along the mine now, but the processing time will increase significantly. The information is analyzed by four programs. In return, specialists get data that even the most experienced mine surveyor cannot gather.

Another task of the new drone is the safety of the mine. It captures the slightest deviations from the temperature norm, using thermal imaging from a height. This makes it possible to identify the sources of possible fires in advance and prevent them.

Tiltrotor aircrafts already help to inspect pipelines across the country without risk, replace helicopters in the taiga or in the mountains, and are successfully used for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the military. The Mairykhsky mine is the first in Khakassia to introduce innovations that create an up-to-date and safe production base for decades to come.